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Friday, February 4th, 2005 7:44 pm

i've got wisdom teeth coming through, and i'm pretty fucking pissed about it, believe you me. i keep calling my mother to whine at her, but her responses have gone from fairly sympathetic to "shut up and go away, you are no longer eighteen or my responsibility and besides that, i'm trying to watch coronation street." this makes me sad.

lo, what can have happened since i last properly posted? well, i've moved house. i'm now living in an actual house, with a garden and everything! my cats can roam! oh, i got another cat, too. hence the plural. his name is pedro. my little spanish boys. i'm hoping to get a rabbit. actually, allison, one of the girls i live with, is allergic to cats. but since tammy and i were here first, and we love my cats, she doesn't get much say in it. hey, she knew i had them when she moved in. if you will insist on putting yourself in the line of fire...

yesterday i bought one of the slayer series dvds (faith, just because eliza dushku looked pretty on the front, and also because i love who are you), chasing amy, and the rules of attraction. i haven't seen the second two, but i really like shannyn sossamon and kevin smith, so i trust all will be well.

hmm, what else has happened? er, nothing, basically. although tomorrow, i'm finally going to see a series of unfortunate events. go team me! etc.

so, what have you been up to?


Tuesday, January 25th, 2005 3:59 pm

there has been a baby screaming next door for nearly three hours, and if it doesn't shut up soon, i am going to go over there and KILL IT.

in other news, HELLO I AM ALIVE. hard to believe, huh.


Friday, October 22nd, 2004 3:21 pm

i have a craving for beef. and also to do something for justpopemotion, which would be monumentally stupid as i SUCK at photoshop.

oh god, two hours before i can go home. SEND REINFORCEMENTS.

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004 9:12 pm

bb: i thought stuart might go, but was hoping it'd be jason. i don't mind who wins out of nadia or dan now, although secretly i'm rooting for dan because oh, i love him.

dan: what did you say, darling?
shell: 'celebrity'.
dan: don't you swear at me!

you probably had to be there. and his little face when he was talking about mixing with the general public! hee. he cracks me up. i wish my big gay hairdresser was half as funny. i missed bblb though, and am heartbroken. i think they repeated it at 8, but, um, i missed that one too. oops. dan 2 win!!1one


Sunday, August 1st, 2004 8:40 pm

last night i was watching vh1 or something at my friend kelly's house and the video for "hello" by lionel richie came on. so what? you say. well, sez i, there's this one part where lionel calls the blind girl on the telephone, and when she says "hello?" he's like, "HELLO, IS IT ME YOU'RE LOOKING FOR?" super-loud. okay? okay. anyway, we were watching it with her brother david, and this morning he rang me at home (at like 8am. ON A SUNDAY) and when i said, "hello?", guess what i got.

no, just guess.

i was unimpressed. :/

happy birthday, lionessvalenti!

i caved yesterday and bought the busted album, "a present for everyone." iamsolame. also, i saw mmmbop on tv last night, and liek, totally, knew all the words. yes, there are words. oh, aaaand, i bought a copy of ben folds five's first album, which i have been unable to find anywhere. video! sports and wine! uncle walter! i don't like this album, i LOVE it. and now i sound like a cheesy hmv commercial, so i must flee. (flee, fatass, flee!) all right, i'm out.


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